I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety. Do I have to live with this my entire life?

No, contrary to what outdated beliefs and treatments may say you do not have to live with anxiety or depression for the rest of your life. You don't even have to deal with masking the symptoms or having to deal with relapses. Unconventional treatments have been shown to be not only effective but long-lasting or permanent.

Why do I have depression?

Scientists once believed that depression came from genetics or from a chemical imbalance.

New studies have shown that depression often comes from a lack of connection or community. Often depression comes from trauma or not living out what feeds your soul.

This is why unconventional treatments which include subconscious work are so effective in healing (not coping) depression.

What causes anxiety?

A person can develop anxiety for several reasons. It can be from a trauma response, chronic stress, and some studies state that anxiety can be passed from mother to child.

When the vagus nerve is unable to activate the relaxation trigger, over time, a person can develop anxiety.

Why do I seem to relapse even though I continue my traditional treatment?

Traditional therapy and medications can be greatly beneficial however, it doesn't get to the root cause of the issue. Talk therapy paints a clearer picture on coping skills and patterns but cannot get to the root cause that is deep within the subconscious.

Medications can be beneficial as well however they are used to treat symptoms not to cure the problem itself. Often medications have a huge impact on your gut health which can also worsen moods.

Why don't my family and friends understand why their advice doesn't work?

Often family and friends mean well by giving advice, but depression and anxiety cannot be understood by a person who has never experienced it.

So, while a walk outside can elevate a person's mood when they are feeling down it won't work for people with depression or anxiety and they won't be able to fully understand why.

People who have depression or anxiety often struggle to explain it simply because they can't. There is no rhyme or reason to the thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing but they are very much real not matter how unexplainable they may be.

Will my depression or anxiety completely go away on its own?

It's possible but not likely. Some people have been able to cope or relieve their depression/anxiety through meditation and breathwork, but it does take time, persistence, and patience.

How will Genesis Healing Therapy resolve my depression/anxiety?

Unlike traditional forms of treatment, Genesis Healing Therapy gets to the root of the issue by using subconscious work, energy healing, and physical body repair.

This identifies the root of the problem, rewires, and then transforms your mind, body, and energetic vibrations.

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